This project would not have been possible without my fantastic supervision team: Dr. Jim Brogden and Simon Popple. I would also like to thank John Edmonds, Stephen Hay, Dr. Tom Jackson, Luca and Andreas, Mark Ball, Dr. Kate Nash and everyone else at the School of Media and Communication, Unversity of Leeds.

Laura Wilson, Joanne Fitton, Ken Kajoranta, and all at Leeds University Library Special Collections, for their help and access to outstanding archives. Thanks to the Treasures of the Brotherton Library for hosting my final exhibition. Leeds Library and Information Services ( for helping me source rare images from Leeds' history - special thanks to Ross Horsley.

Mark Fisher, Godfrey Bingley, John Tagg and Peter Mitchell for inspiring me creatively and philosophically. Nath and Chris from Urban Exploration and Crooked Acres Records. Mary, Elodie and Zoe, Jim and Marie for your constant support, patience and love.